THE ANSWER IS - Words & Music by Jeremy

I wrote this song because I believe that trying to understand each others differences and looking through the eyes of love is the answer to peace and the end to violence. "The Answer is Divine! It is in the words of GOD. We should "love our neighbor as our self." We dont have to go to war to secure our peace of mind. So, let's all work together and solve this peacefully. For, the way to harmony is through the eyes of love." I hope you enjoy this video. I thank God for the inspiration of this song and give all glory to His Name!

O DANNY BOY - performed by Jeremy

This Music video was filmed by my good friend and professional videoographer Michael Doxy.

I sung it accappella since I love singing it in the mountains, the forrest and everywhere in nature that I visit.  It just seemed appropriate to be accapella

THE POUND- performed by Jeremy

The pound is a music video that is part a 22 minute documentary portraying the importance of taking good care of your dog. It also tells the story of how dogs help in our society. It is presented through humorous music videos, educational interviews and everyday life experiences. Even a little theatrical satire is included as a finale. Be prepared to smile, learn, and laugh! Includes original songs called, "Puppy, Puppy" and "The Pound".


BEE POLITE- performed by Jeremy as Mr. Music

Bee Polite with Mr Music teaches children to be polite through his song. this is part of an educational children's series "Let's Learn About Bees" with Mr. Music and the Earth Fairys" visit to see more educational videos.